Massage Therapy

30,  60.  or 90 minutes of therapeutic massage.


Nutritional Counseling

Weather you have a chronic health condition, or just want to lose weight,  a one-on-one nutritional consultation with Dr. Trish would help improve your health and well-being. During the session she will educate  you on how nutrition and diet can help prevent and improve health conditions.

Services we offer:



With every chiropractic visit we offer 10 minutes of electrical stimulation, on a hydrotherapy  table.  5 minutes of ultrasound to body/pain specific areas. Site specific soft tissue work. Gentle chiropractic adjustment.

Vitamins and Supplements

We proudly sell Standard Process supplements and vitamins. Standard process is a Child friendly whole food supplements.  Nanogreens,  Garden of Life,  and  gentle homeopathic brands are also available.

Hyperbaric Chamber

One hour treatments to stimulate healing.