Nutritional Counseling

Weather you have a chronic health condition, or just want to lose weight,  a one-on-one nutritional consultation with Dr. Trish would help improve your health and well-being. During the session she will educate  you on how nutrition and diet can help prevent and improve health conditions.

Hyperbaric Chamber

One hour treatments to stimulate healing.


With every chiropractic visit we offer electrical stimulation & ultrasound to body/pain specific areas. Site specific soft tissue work.  Gentle chiropractic adjustment.

Services we offer:

Vitamins and Supplements

We proudly sell Standard Process supplements and vitamins. Standard process is a Child friendly whole food supplements.  Nanogreens,  Garden of Life,  and  gentle homeopathic brands are also available.

Kennedy Chiropractic

Massage Therapy

30,  60.  or 90 minutes of therapeutic massage.